Complete List of *ALL* Services 

Provided by Kan's Embroidery

*Full Kitchen:Curtains, Tablecloth, Placemats, Pot Holders, Oven Mitts, Hand Towels, Rugs.

*Full Bathroom: Shower Curtain, Toliet Seat Covers, Rugs, Towels, Washcloths, Hand Towels.

*Full Bedroom:Curtains, Rugs, Blankets, Pillow Cases/Full Pillows, Mattress Liner, Sheets.

*Full Living Room: Throw Blankets, Couch Covers, Throw Rug/Runner, Coffee Table Runner, Decorative Pillows.


*T-Shirts: (any shirts; cotton, satin, silk, etc.)

*Shorts: (jean or basketball like)

*Baby/Toddler Clothing

*Jeans:Pants and Jackets.

*Jackets:Wind Breakers, Coats, Vests, etc.

*Backpacks, ToteBags, HandBags, etc.

*Personalized: Pillows/Blankets/Sheets (baby birth pillows, regular name and decorative pillows)

*Wine Bottle Covers: w/name and or, design.

*Embroidered Toilet Paper: ‚ÄčName, Title (Mr, Mrs, His, Hers), or Design


*Car Seat Covers:(just the two front)


*Hats: Winter Hats (Beanie/Skully), Fitted Hats, SnapBack Hats, Fishermen Hats and more.

*Head Bands, Scarfs: (Head scarfs and Neck scarfs)

*Digitized Logos, Designs 

& much, much more!!!